For 2019 we are excited to offer garlic varieties that fit with our mission of Bringing Biodiversity Back! We have experience growing all of these softneck varieties ourselves, finding each of them to be productive, interesting, and delicious. We invite you to dive deeper into garlic diversity and try some of these great varieties this year!

Some of our garlic in 2019 was grown by Myrtle Creek Farm, a Certified Organic farm in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, who has been working with Garlicana to make certified organic garlic seed available. And some was grown by Flying Onion Farm, a Certified Organic farm in Oregon City, Oregon, who has been growing seed garlic for many years. We are also continuing to work with Avram Drucker of Garlicana. Avram is our friend and trusted garlic growing expert, connoisseur, and garlic plant breeder. Garlicana is not certified organic but uses only organic practices in production, harvest and cleaning.

For growing info, check out our ‘Adaptive Guide to Growing Garlic‘ over on The Seed Ambassadors blog.

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