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  • Bush Snap Bean, Buerre de Rocquencourt (Organic)

    Bush Snap Bean, Beurre de Rocquencourt (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Yellow Pods. 50 days. This delicate yellow wax bean is often the first to mature. Delicious buttery flavor, uniform size and shape for easy processing, and high yields make this a standout bush wax variety. Yellow pods can be picked when small as filet beans for extra tender texture. Plants grow well in…

  • Bush Snap Bean, Cupidon (Organic)

    Bush Snap Bean, Cupidon (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Green Pods. 55 days. As vegetable growers we used to be less than excited about filet beans until we found Cupidon. Not only is it the best filet bean we’ve found, it is one of the best beans, period. Delicious, aromatic sweet flavor. High yielding, light green, stringless, long, slender, French filet type…

  • Organic Cardoon, Plein Blanc Inerme Blanco seed

    Cardoon, Plein Blanc Inerme Blanco (Organic)


    Cynara cardunculus. Perennial in zones 7-10. Related to the artichoke but grown instead for the leaf midribs (technically petioles) that are eaten after blanching. White, thornless leaf midribs grow tall and are extra thick. Vigorous upright growth results in partial self-blanching, giving Plein Blanc Inerme Blanco Cardoon a higher culinary value than more traditional varieties….

  • Organic Endive Frisée de Meaux seed

    Endive, Frisée de Meaux (Organic)


    Cichorium endivia. 60-70 days. Large-headed, triple cut frisée. While endive is sweetest in winter, this is the best frisée we offer for summer production making Frisée de Meaux good for harvest summer through winter. Big, self-blanching hearts are delicious in salad and much more frost tolerant than lettuce. It is always nice to add a…

  • Cornet De La Loire Escarole

    Escarole, Cornet de la Loire (Organic)


    Cichorium endivia. 70 days. Impressive, vigorous, and uniform, this escarole is great in spring and autumn. Firm, crunchy, juicy and sweet with a light nutty bitterness unique to escarole. Cornet type escaroles truly shine in late fall through early winter. When sown in late summer, Cornet de la Loire will head up and make a…

  • Organic french grey shallots seed bulbs
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    Organic French Grey Shallot seed

    French Grey Shallot Seed (Organic)


    Allium oschaninii. 270 days (fall planted from bulbs as pictured). We fell in love with the French Grey Shallot when we grew them to add diversity to our winter CSA share. They instantly became one of our favorite Alliums in the kitchen, as they have a very fine flavor that adds a lovely touch to…

  • Organic Lettuce D'Hiver de Sainte Marthe seedsOrganic D'Hiver De Sante Marte Lettuce Seeds

    Lettuce, D’Hiver de Sainte Marthe (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Bronze Romaine. 30 days baby; 60 full. The crunchy, dark-green leaves of D’Hiver de Sainte Marthe lettuce are beautifully tinged with bronze. A cold tolerant fall and winter romaine that is fairly slow to bolt, sweet and delicious. Similar to Bath Cos type lettuces such as Brown Goldring and Bunyards Matchless, but with a…

  • Lettuce, Ear of the Devil (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Red Leaf. 30 days baby; 60 full. Massive heads with deer tongue shaped leaves. Green leaves have lots of red tones and crunchy midribs. When harvested young, they resemble Red Deer Tongue but with better color. Very slow to bolt, heat tolerant and always good flavor. The largest head of lettuce we have…

  • Lettuce, Galisse (Organic)

    Lettuce, Galisse (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Green Oak Leaf. 30 days baby; 55 full. Very reliable, compact green oak leaf, perfect for heads or salad mix. This was a commercial standard until recently, when it was replaced by patented varieties that are almost identical. If you want a solid, open-source green oak leaf, this is for you. Not only…

  • Organic Oscarde Lettuce seed
    Organic Oscarde Lettuce seed

    Lettuce, Oscarde (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Red Oak Leaf. 30 days baby; 55 full. The red oakleaf lettuce that really got the organic salad mix game going! Oscarde Lettuce has the great combination of dark cherry-red outer leaves with ultra fine red-brown dappling on inner leaf areas, becoming green at the heart. This makes Oscarde look good even when…

  • Lettuce, Sangria (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Red Butterhead. 55 days. A really great, medium-sized red butterhead variety. Once popular with market growers but disappeared after the PVP expired. Smooth leaves are red tipped with green interiors. Bred for resistance to lettuce mosaic virus, sclerotinia and downy mildew, Sangria is also heat tolerant, resists tip-burn and holds longer in the…

  • Longbow Shallot organic seed
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    Long Bow Red Shallot Bulbs

    Long Bow Red Shallot Seed (Organic)


    Allium cepa. 280 days (fall planted from bulbs as pictured). Long Bow Red Shallot is a big, copper skinned shallot with purple-red flesh. Classic French type shallot with a more elongated shape when compared to most other varieties. While not as large as the similarly shaped Zebrune shallot or Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou, these…

  • Organic Charentais Superprecoce Du Roc Melon seeds

    Melon, Charentais Superprécoce Du Roc (Organic)


    Cucumis melo. 70-80 days. Green striped fruit have a heavenly aroma and deliciously sweet, firm orange flesh. Charentais is a traditional French type of cantaloupe that has long been considered by many to be the best of the best. Hybrid and open-pollinated Charentais melons tend to be a little slow to ripen in our climate,…

  • Patisson Golden Marbre Summer Squashorganic Patisson Golden Marbre Scallop summer squash

    Patisson Golden Marbre Scallop (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. Golden-Yellow. 60 days. Bright golden-Bright golden-yellow patty pan squash with a delightful nutty flavor. Young fruit are nice and tender, larger fruit are firm and crunchy. Large bushy plants are quite productive. Unlike hybrid summer squash, the fruit still tastes great when picked overmature. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this summer squash…

  • Purslane, French Green Leaf (Organic)


    Portulaca oleracea sativa. 50 days. Similar to Munich purslane, but with darker green leaves and thinner stems. French Green Leaf slightly resembles wild purslane but is distinctly different as it grows very upright for easy cutting, and leaves and stems are more succulent with a milder flavor. This variety makes a nice crunchy addition to…

  • Salsify, Fiore Blu (Organic)Salsify, Fiore Blu (Organic)

    Salsify, Fiore Blu (Organic)


    Tragopogon porrifolius. Yet another delicious root crop common in Europe but rarely grown here in the US. Hopefully we can change that as salsify has much to offer! Roots grow to the size and shape of imperator type carrots but are cream colored. Flavor is said to resemble oysters, in fact salsify is also known…

  • Tomato, Marmande (Organic)

    Tomato, Marmande (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. 60-65 days. Semi-det. Bushy plants produce clusters of 4-6 oz flat, lightly ribbed, red fruit. Good firmness in addition to excellent flavor, two attributes that make Marmande a perfect variety for market farms. Good when eaten fresh or cooked. Very dependably yields outdoors, even in cool summers. Traditional variety from the south of…

  • Pigletwillie's French Black tomato organic seed

    Tomato, Pigletwillie’s French Black (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Maroon/Brown. 75 days. Indet. Dark, 2-3” fruit weigh 2-3 oz and have a full-bodied meaty taste. Not a true black tomato, but very dark red with chocolate shoulders. Fruit ripens in clusters of 4 or 5 and can be harvested by snipping the cluster stem. Sometimes a name is all you need to…

  • Winter Squash, Potimarron

    Winter Squash, Potimarron (Organic)


    Cucurbita maxima. 85 days. A medium sized, 3-6 lb, red kuri type squash. Fruit is pear shaped, with red-orange skin and bright orange flesh. Flavor is excellent and rich. Not as sweet as Blue Kuri, however it is more appropriate for soups and savory dishes (curry!). The flesh is so orange it makes a near…