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  • Organic Thai Basil Seed Golden Mountain Sweet

    Basil, Golden Mountain Sweet Thai Mix (Organic)


    Ocium basilicum. 60-70 days. An essential ingredient in many Thai dishes because of its classic sweet licorice clove flavor. Green leaves, purple stems and purple flowers form on compact plants that work well in containers. Received as a variable population, some plants are stout with larger, sweeter leaves that are less aromatic, while other plants…

  • Organic Thai Lemon Basil seedOrganic Thai Lemon Basil seed

    Basil, Thai Lemon (Organic)


    Ocimum africanum. This refreshing, citrus basil is a different species than its sweet Italian basil cousins, and is essential in certain South and Southeast Asian dishes. Thai Lemon basil is delicious with seafood, or as a more complex flavorful alternative to sweet basil in almost any dish. It is best when added towards the end…

  • Chai Thai Celery Leaf

    Celery Leaf, Chai Thai (Organic)


    Apium graveolens. 50-70 days. An Asian type that is similar to Chinese celery, but from Thailand. Chai Thai celery has long stems with strongly flavored large, jagged leaves that have a nice golden-green color. Asian celery is often used as a flavoring herb in stews, soups and stir fry dishes. The thin stems are rather…

  • Cilantro, Rak Tamachat

    Cilantro, Rak Tamachat (Organic)


    Coriandrum sativum. Named for the Rak Tamachat Permaculture and Natural Building Education Center in Thailand, where we saved the seeds for this variety out of their kitchen garden when we visited in March, 2014. Since all we saw were the plants that had already gone to seed, we were surprised and delighted by what we…

  • Coriander, Kanchanaburi (Organic)


    Coriandrum sativum. This large seeded coriander/cilantro has a fresh, aromatic flavor. Selected for seed production, the plants are shorter, earlier to flower, and have larger seeds than leaf type varieties. Although it is not the primary use, it also has tasty, aromatic leaves and roots that are useful in Thai food. Kanchanaburi coriander is a…

  • Organic Noong Ta Klong Pea Eggplant Seed

    Eggplant, Noong Ta Klong Pea (Organic)


    Solanum torvum. Green. 90 days. We found this variety in February 2009 growing semi-wild in a village garden in Noong Ta Klong, Thailand. Used under-ripe, it is a crucial ingredient in Thai dishes including green curry and some types of chile sauces. One might consider it a spice, rather than a vegetable. Bitter and seedy, these…

  • Organic Petch Siam Eggplant Seed

    Eggplant, Petch Siam (Organic)


     Solanum melongena. Green Striped. 70 days. Small, round, green striped eggplants are the type most commonly used in Thai cuisine. In fact, Petch Siam translates to ‘Diamond of Thailand.’ Fruit grow to 2.5 – 3″, the approximate size of a tennis ball, but are best harvested at 1.5-2″, closer to the size of a ping…

  • Organic Green Onion Ton Hom Nuan seed
    Organic Green Onion Ton Hom Nuan seed

    Green Onion, Ton Hom Nuan (Organic)


    Allium fistulosum. Green Onion / Scallion. 65 days. A unique bunching onion from Thailand. Ton Hom Nuan green onion surprised us in its ability to produce tons of small green onions that are perfect for soups, stir frying, and sprinkling into salads. Unlike many Japanese negi type bunching onions, Ton Hom Nuan tend to hold…

  • Organic Hot Pepper Adaptive Early Thai SeedHot Pepper, Adaptive Early Thai Grex (Organic)

    Hot Pepper, Adaptive Early Thai (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Very Hot. 90 days. In 2003 we had our first experience working on a farm in Willow Creek, California. That year Andrew saved his first seeds, too: an heirloom tomato, and a Thai pepper. Now, 17 years later, the legacy of that first saved seed lives on in the Adaptive Early Thai pepper….

  • Hot Pepper, Prik Chi Faa (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Medium Hot. 70 days green, 90 red. A large fruited Thai hot pepper that resembles a fat, thick-walled cayenne with smooth shiny skin. Nice large 6″ long fruit enable fast harvest. This type of pepper is often used when still green and underripe, when medium hot peppers are desired in recipes such as…

  • Seed Collections, Temperate Thai Garden (Organic)


    Thai cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the world – and it’s certainly Sarah and Andrew’s favorite! Many of the ingredients used to create the complex flavors can be grown right here in the Pacific Northwest. We hope this collection inspires and elevates your Thai cooking experience. This collection includes Adaptive…

  • Organic Egg from Phuket Tomato seed

    Tomato, Egg from Phuket (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. White/Pink Plum. 60-65 days. Indet. Early producer of loads of small, pale-pink, egg-shaped fruit. Egg from Phuket tomato (Ei von Phuket in German) yields 1 oz fruits that are held in clusters on tall healthy vines. Good balanced flavor that has a little tartness with a clean finish. This flavor, along with a…

  • NEW!

    Tomato, Thai Grape (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Red Grape. 65 days. Indet. Small-fruited red grape tomato produces all season and continues to pump out high quality, deliciously sweet fruit late into the season after so many other varieties have lost the flavor edge. Fruit hold exceptionally well both on and off the plant. Thai Grape is a good representation of…