Indeterminate Tomatoes

Indeterminate tomatoes are characterized by a relatively tall, vining growth habit that requires trellising or caging for optimum growth. Indeterminate varieties also will continue to ripen fruit until frost and can grow 6-10 ft tall depending on the variety and conditions.

* 6-12 foot tall plants

* Benefit from support and pruning

* Ripens fruit until end of the growing season

* High yield in small area

We use a type of Florida weave to support our indeterminate tomatoes. The materials needed include tall metal t-posts or wood stakes and bailing twine. We also prune suckers up until the first flower cluster to improve fruit quality, increase airflow and make trellising easier.

Other tomato growth habits include: Dwarf, Determinate, and Semi-Determinate.

We know that classifying tomato growth habits in ways other than simply indeterminate and determinate is surprisingly controversial. We do this primarily for the convenience of predicting what growing method would be best. It is true that tomatoes are technically either determinate or indeterminate. ;-)

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