Winter Garden Varieties

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  • Organic Red-tinged Winter Lettuce seedOrganic Red-tinged Winter Lettuce seed

    Lettuce, Red-Tinged Winter (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Red Leaf. 60 days. A delicious and hardy loose leaf lettuce. You know what you’re getting by the name: Red-Tinged Winter lettuce shows a tinge of red on its ruffled green leaves. Though it is clearly noted as a winter variety, we find it to be a good lettuce much of the year….

  • Lettuce, Salade de Russie

    Lettuce, Salade de Russie (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Speckled Crisphead. 60 days. A large, crisphead type lettuce. Olive green with a nice bronze blush and covered in beautiful red speckles. In passing, it could be mistaken for a Castelfranco chicory but with close inspection it is all lettuce. Sweet crunchy flavor even in the heat of summer. Slow to bolt. Seems to…

  • Organic white seeded samara Lettuce seedOrganic white seeded samara Lettuce seed

    Lettuce, White Seeded Samara (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Green Pink Leaf. 30 days baby; 50 full. Apple green leaf lettuce tinged with pink. White Seeded Samara has a unique style, a little like a savoyed butterhead but without the tight heads. Flavor and texture is great, providing a sweet loftiness with a slight crispness. Grows vigorously and survives cold, wet weather…

  • Organic Winter Density Lettuce Seeds

    Lettuce, Winter Density (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Green Romaine. 30 days baby; 60 full. A serious lettuce classic. We do not carry many common varieties but when we do, it is because we really love them. Winter Density Lettuce is halfway between a romaine and a butterhead. This old reliable variety is productive and disease resistant. Perfectly proportioned leaf shape…

  • Organic Miner's Lettuce Claytonia seedsClaytonia Miner's Lettuce

    Miner’s Lettuce (Organic)


    Claytonia perfoliata. 30-55 days. This cool-weather salad green is native to the West Coast of North America, and Native Americans there have long valued it for food and medicine. Small plants prefer to grow autumn through spring and will regrow after multiple harvests. Leaves grow in pairs that slowly fuse together as they mature. Satisfying…

  • Bitter Is Better Chicory Mix

    Mix, Bitter Is Better (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus and Cichorium endivia. 30-60 days. Inspired by the delightful Sagra di Radicchio in Seattle, we bring you Bitter Is Better! This seed blend is a celebration of the Cichorium family of delicious, sweet, bitter greens and includes a diverse selection of chicory, radicchio, escarole, and endive. Leaf types vary from frisée to broad-leafed,…

  • Mizspoona Salad Select (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 20 days baby, 40 days full. Mizuna and Tatsoi are some of our favorite mustard family salad greens. Combine the two and you get Mizspoona and the awesomeness increases exponentially! Very mild mustard flavor is delicious when eaten raw in salads and is also quite tasty cooked. Mizspoona Salad Select inherits the vigorous…

  • Mustard, Dragon Tongue / Ho Mi Z

    Mustard, Dragon Tongue / Ho Mi Z (Organic)


    Brassica juncea. 20 days baby, 40 days full. Hands down the most beautiful red mustard for salad mix. The leaf color is green and purple, hard to describe, and reminiscent of the 1990s fractal posters that Sarah had in her room as a teenager. Very slow to bolt in spring, it has the perfect balance…

  • Mustard, Frizzy Lizzy (Organic)


    Brassica juncea. 20 days baby, 40 days full. At this point in our farming careers, it takes a lot for a spicy mustard to impress us enough to add it to the catalog. Frizzy Lizzy did just that – in the winter of 2014 (lows to 5°F), we trialed ten B. juncea mustards in a…

  • Mustard, Green in Snow

    Mustard, Green in Snow (Organic)


    Brassica juncea. 20 days baby, 40 days full. This is our favorite winter mustard. It grows vigorously for us throughout the winter, bouncing back easily after our lows of 8°F. Very hot when raw, the heat all but disappears when cooked and leaves you with a good balanced mustardy flavor. Excellent pickled, simply by packing…

  • Mustard, Oak Fire

    Mustard, Oak Fire (Organic)


    Brassica juncea. 20 days baby, 40 days full. A mix of gorgeous mustard greens perfect for salad mix. Or maybe it’s “georgeous,” which, to quote Urban Dictionary is “a transcendent beauty that forever consumes the hearts and minds of any who gaze at its stunning perfection.” Yes, that is a little hyperbolic for describing a…

  • Mustard, Pizzo (Organic)


    Brassica juncea. 20 days baby, 40 days full. Light green, extra curly salad leaf mustard. Mild when baby and very hot when larger. A very winter hardy mustard that doesn’t flinch when pounded with cold rain or ice. Our first encounter with Pizzo was in a windy winter garden in Ireland and it was thriving…

  • Organic Mustard Spicy Curls seeds

    Mustard, Spicy Curls (Organic)


    Brassica juncea. 20 days baby, 40 days full. A very diverse and strikingly beautiful mix of curly and wavy, mostly red and purple leaves with good moderate heat. Great for salad or bunching greens. A favorite of ours for winter cooked greens, the heat vanishes once cooked and the rich flavor remains. Bred in Oregon…

  • Napa Cabbage, Nozaki Early (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 60-70 days. A tall napa cabbage with super early heads that are very juicy. The 2-5 lb heads are perfect for kimchi and stir fry. Best covered with row cover to prevent all the other animals in the world from eating them because everybody likes to eat napa cabbage, especially the bugs. Best…

  • Lilia Onion
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    Onion, Lilia (Organic)


    Allium cepa. Red Scallion/Onion. 40 days bunching, 90 days bulb. A beautiful, red scallion / salad / spring onion with tall, dark green tops. Red color develops early. Flavor is not as pungent as one would expect for a red onion; its mildness is well-suited for raw/fresh use. Bright red/purple color is very pretty in…

  • Organic Pak Choi Luck Dragon seed

    Pak Choi, Luck Dragon (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 35-40 days. Sweet and crunchy green-stemmed baby pak choi. Impressively vigorous in cool weather and it really shines in the greenhouse in early spring and fall. Produces a lot of food fast per square foot. Leaves are erect and a glossy light-green color. The leaf petioles are crunchy yet pliable and resist cracking….

  • Parsley Root, Hilmar (Organic)

    Parsley Root, Hilmar (Organic)


    Petroselinum crispum. Pure white, 8” long carrot-shaped root vegetable with a mild parsley flavor. Very aromatic and great in soups or roasted in the oven. Hilmar really shines as a winter vegetable when it sweetens up after a frost. Plus it’s very cold hardy – it was one of the crops that overwintered in the…

  • Organic Cilician Parsley Seed

    Parsley, Cilician (Organic)


    Petroselinum crispum. A very rare and special parsley originally from a medieval kingdom located in what is present-day Syria and Turkey, and brought to North America via Cyprus. Cilician parsley has a more ferny leaf type, with an intense flavor that makes a great addition to any dish calling for parsley. Tolerates shade well, possibly…

  • Organic Einfache Schnitt 3 Parsley Seed

    Parsley, Einfache Schnitt 3 (Organic)


    Petroselinum crispum. Translates from German as ‘easy cut,’ which proves to be very true. Incredibly flavorful and hardy, the dark green, flat leaves grow upright allowing for easy harvest and built-in rot resistance. High quality, marketable appearance and healthy year-round, even in the dead of winter. Several local organic growers have sung the praises of…

  • Parsnip, Bedford Monarch (Organic)


    Pastinaca sativa. A very rare, old English parsnip variety with long, white roots that have broad shoulders and sweet flavor. The roots can get huge and therefore provide a very high yield of delicious goodness while at the same time breaking through soil hardpan to improve drainage for subsequent crops. During our 2006 Seed Ambassadors…

  • Parsnip, Halblange Weisse SE (Organic)


    Pastinaca sativa. Halblange Weisse is German for ‘half long white’ and this variety is truly half-long with bright white skin. The half-long trait (majority of the mass is near the top of the root which quickly tapers), combined with strong tops result in a parsnip that is notably easier to dig. This variety was a…

  • Parsnip, Kral Russian (Organic)


    Pastinaca sativa. You may think you know parsnips once you have seen a parsnip, but, think again. This is the most unique parsnip we have ever seen and never would have guessed there could be a parsnip like this. A heritage Russian variety with a beet-shaped, bulbous root. This certainly makes for a very easy…

  • Organic Buckshorn Plantain Seed

    Plantain, Buck’s Horn (Organic)


    Plantago coronopus. Perennial. Tender crispness with a wonderful nutty flavor and succulent texture. A traditional European green, it survives the harshest winter weather here in Oregon. Plants are perennial and re-grow after cutting. A cultivated species related to the common edible garden weed. Narrow, strappy leaves have some antler-like forking, referenced in one of its…

  • Organic Radicchio La Rosa del Veneto seed

    Radicchio, La Rosa del Veneto (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Loose heading and tall heading type. 100-120 days. La Rosa Del Veneto is a pink leafed chicory of the type that has been “having a moment” since at least 2018. We’re hoping that moment is here to stay and that pink chicory will establish itself as more than a niche crop for fancy…

  • Radicchio, Orchidea (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Loose heading rosette type. 65 days. An unstoppable winter green. Semi-open rosette shaped heads with some variation in red and green variegation, speckling and tones. Good planted any time summer through fall. More resistant than other radicchios to winter predation from rodents. Harvest as heads or as cut-and-come-again leaf. Very winter hardy with…

  • Organic Palla Rossa Melot Radicchio seedOrganic Radicchio Palla Rossa Melot seeds

    Radicchio, Palla Rossa Melot (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Round heading type. 70 days. After extensive trialing, Palla Rossa Melot is the best open pollinated classic Palla Rossa radicchio we have found. Large, dense round heads of bright red and white leaves have a mild flavor and make a festive addition to the plate. Quicker to head up than many other varieties…

  • Organic Radicchio Rossa di Verona Arca SeedsRossa di Verona Arca Chicory

    Radicchio, Rossa di Verona Arca (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Round heading type. 75 days. An outstanding selection of a solid heading radicchio with a 4-6” tall, elongated shape. Deep red/purple leaves with broad white mid-ribs are nice and crunchy with the tangy bitterness that radicchio is known for. We loved this variety for our winter CSA, as the tight wrapping on the…

  • Organic Treviso Mesola Radicchio seedOrganic Treviso Mesola Radicchio seed

    Radicchio, Treviso Mesola (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Tall heading type. 80 days. Large heads have a deep red leaf color with crunchy white midribs. We have trialed dozens of radicchio varieties over the years and Treviso Mesola is a standout. Italians have many wonderful song-like names for vegetables. This variety is sometimes referred to by its long name, Radicchio Treviso…