Winter Garden Varieties

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  • Variegata Di Chioggia ChicoryVariegata Di Chioggia Chicory

    Radicchio, Variegata di Chioggia (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Round heading type. 75 days. Another standout from our extensive radicchio trials. Best for fall and early winter harvest. Heads are slightly variable in shape and size but all have a nice red-pink and white variegation, lacking the green of Castelfranco and Luisa types. Large, round heads (think iceberg lettuce) are beautiful and…

  • Radish, Blauer Herbst Und Winter

    Radish, Blauer Winter (Organic)


    Raphanus sativus. Purple Storage. 60-80 days. Storage radish with bright violet skin and white flesh. Mild radish flavor is good raw, cooked, or pickled. Uncommon in the US but a favorite winter staple in Germany. Keeps well in the root cellar, or in the field all winter here in Oregon, as long as the mice…

  • Organic Radish Okhura Winter Queen Daikon seed

    Radish, Okhura Winter Queen Daikon (Organic)


    Raphanus sativus. White Daikon. 40-55 days. Classic stump-rooted daikon style radish with mild flavor. White, cylindrical roots can grow to 5 lbs and 16” long but taste best when harvested smaller. Excellent pickled, shredded on salad, or added to soups or stirfry. An outstanding storage crop, in the field or root cellar. Many daikon varieties…

  • Radish, Pink Beauty (Organic)


    Raphanus sativus. Pink Bunching. 27 days. Round to slightly oval, crisp roots are bright pink and not too spicy. We are rarely impressed with bunching radishes, but these are just darn good. Pink Beauty is all you could ever want in a bunching radish. An excellent market farm variety, praised as being better than many…

  • Organic Rudi radish seed

    Radish, Rudi (Organic)


    Raphanus sativus. Red Bunching. 26 days. A very high quality classic red bunching radish. Globe shaped with bright white flesh. Refreshingly crisp and quite tasty. Uniform, quick to mature, and holds well much longer in the field than most open pollinated bunching radishes. Rudi was bred by Enza Zaden, the highly regarded Dutch seed company,…

  • Organic Angela Rutabaga seed

    Rutabaga, Angela (Organic)


    Brassica napus. 80+ days. Angela is an attractive round rutabaga (aka Swede) with purple tops and light golden flesh. A refined English selection of the classic purple top category of rutabagas. Yields a large percentage of high quality roots that have a sweet flavor and are very winter hardy. Shows some resistance to powdery mildew,…

  • Organic Rutabaga Major Dunne seeds

    Rutabaga, Major Dunne (Organic)


    Brassica napus. 80 days. Nicely proportioned, purple top rutabaga with smooth, uniform shape and golden skin. One of the most attractive rutabagas we have ever grown. Major Dunne retains excellent texture and flavor even when very large. Roots are more elongated than a typical rutabaga and stand tall in the field with big healthy leaves….

  • Organic Nadmorska Rutabaga seed

    Rutabaga, Nadmorska (Organic)


    Brassica napus. 80+ days. Large, green-topped Lithuanian rutabaga with golden flesh. they grow into a uniform, large, round shape. Vigorous and early-maturing with very little neck. Nadmorska has a slightly more mustard spiced flavor than the purple top rutabagas.  It combines very well with other roots like beets and potatoes in the roasting pan.  We…

  • Salad Burnet Organic Seed

    Salad Burnet (Organic)


    Sanguisorba minor. Perennial. Salad Burnet is a delightful salad green, sometimes added to mixed salads in Europe where it is native. The flavor is a nice accent in salad mix as it tastes like cucumbers. Cute, pinnately compound leaves always receive the question, “Oh, what is that?” We love it for its hardiness and tasty…

  • Salsify, Fiore Blu (Organic)Salsify, Fiore Blu (Organic)

    Salsify, Fiore Blu (Organic)


    Tragopogon porrifolius. Yet another delicious root crop common in Europe but rarely grown here in the US. Hopefully we can change that as salsify has much to offer! Roots grow to the size and shape of imperator type carrots but are cream colored. Flavor is said to resemble oysters, in fact salsify is also known…

  • Scorzonera, Hoffman's Schwarze Pfahl (Organic)

    Scorzonera, Hoffman’s Schwarze Pfahl (Organic)


    Scorzonera hispanica. This root vegetable has black skin and mild-flavored white flesh. Leaves provide reliable winter greens, and bright yellow flowers in second year are edible. That’s right: three vegetables in one! Not only is this a standby and delicious winter food, but it is a true perennial perfect for the permaculture garden. We found…

  • Seed Collections, Wonderful Winter (Organic)


    Ten packets of winter hardy and hearty garden vegetables, including root vegetables and leafy greens. Currently includes the following: beets, purple sprouting broccoli, cabbage, corn salad, chicory, green onion, kale, mustard, parsnip, radish. This collection is packaged in an attractive cotton muslin drawstring bag and includes an Adaptive Seeds sticker. 10 packets.  $43.50

  • Scuplit, Silene Inflata (Organic)

    Silene inflata, Scuplit / Stridolo (Organic)


    Silene vulgaris. Perennial. Salad herb native to Europe. Great for year-round salads as it is very hardy. Also good cooked in risotto and omelets. Used throughout Italy for its slightly aromatic flavor much like arugula or chicory, but milder and with an herbal note. Some avoid the older leaves as they have a strong bite….

  • Transylvanian SorrelSorrel, Transylvanian (Organic)

    Sorrel, Transylvanian (Organic)


    Rumex acetosa. Perennial. A variety of garden sorrel with nice long, strap-shaped leaves. Good color and flavor all winter. Tolerates dry spells. Extremely hardy and perfect for the permaculture or gourmet garden. We like it added as a small part in salad mixes and sauces, and it is used in sorrel soup, of course. Collected…

  • Spinach, Giant Winter (Organic)

    Spinach, Giant Winter (Organic)


    Spinacia oleracea. 50 days. The most reliable, proven spinach for winter production. Dark-green, slightly triangular, smooth leaves can get giant, the size of chard leaves. The sweet flavor is perfect for salad mix when baby size and for bunching when fully grown. Not particularly suited for summer production, Giant Winter has proven to be a…

  • Spinach, Verdil (Organic)

    Spinach, Verdil (Organic)


    Spinacia oleracea. 45 days. Giant winter type, perfect for spring, autumn and overwinter cultivation, but not summer. With a particularly aromatic flavor, its best suited use is raw, although it is also good cooked. We are always impressed with Verdil’s winter hardiness. The plants can stand in the freezing mud all winter and somehow not…

  • Texsel Greens

    Texsel Greens – Abyssinian mustard (Organic)


    Brassica carinata. A selection of Abyssinian mustard. Excellent flavor with some garlic overtones. One of Andrew’s favorite salad greens, especially in early winter, though Sarah likes it more for braising. Dark green, oval leaves with slightly irregular edges average 4-7” long. May size up enough for bunching, but does not get as big as other…

  • Turnip, Aprovecho Hardy (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 70 days. This is our hardiest turnip bred specifically for Oregon winters. Salvaged from the less than 5% of the surviving turnips from a population of Dr. Alan Kapuler’s Six Root Grex Turnip. The rest of the population died after a hard 8°F frost at Aprovecho Research Center in Cottage Grove, Oregon. The…

  • Tokyo Market Turnip

    Turnip, Tokyo Market (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 30 days. Salad type turnip that is delicate yet crunchy with a distinct sweetness unlike other turnips. Very quick to mature, best grown in spring or fall. White, slightly flattened globe-shaped roots grow to 3″ but we prefer to harvest and eat them at 2.” Tokyo Market turnips are delicious raw in salads,…

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    Turnip, Wonnegold (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 75 days. Beautiful creamy golden colored turnips. Flesh is the same color as the outside. Slightly flattened globes have mild radish-like flavor and are very winter hardy. Best sown early spring or fall. A very old heritage variety best used in sauerkrauts, stews and roasting. Seed originally from an Austrian Biodynamic CSA and…

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    Wheat, Maris Widgeon (Organic)


    Triticum aestivum. Red Winter. Moderately tall, winter type bread wheat that has a semi-hard, golden orange grain. Even though it lacks the high protein of modern reds, it is a great variety for making bread and we consider it to also be a good all-purpose flour. Very productive and tall enough to organically choke out…

  • Yukina Savoy Greens - Organic Seed - Adaptive Seeds

    Yukina Savoy (Organic)


    This dark green spoon- leafed Asian green is very similar to Tatsoi but with larger leaves and more savoyed texture. Yukina Savoy is one of the best mild mustards out there, as it works well as both a salad green when small, and sauté green when larger.