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  • Organic Thai Lemon Basil seedOrganic Thai Lemon Basil seed

    Basil, Thai Lemon (Organic)


    Ocimum africanum. This refreshing, citrus basil is a different species than its sweet Italian basil cousins, and is essential in certain South and Southeast Asian dishes. Thai Lemon basil is delicious with seafood, or as a more complex flavorful alternative to sweet basil in almost any dish. It is best when added towards the end…

  • Organic Tulsi Temperate Sacred holy basil seed

    Basil, Tulsi / Sacred (Organic)


    Ocimum africanum. 50-60 days. Tulsi / Sacred basil is one of the best herbs to grow for tea. It smells like paradise in a teacup and also in the garden when you walk by. When it’s flowering, all of the little pollinators think so too. The flavor is a little fruity with an accent of…

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    Bells of Ireland (Organic)


    Moluccella laevis. 90 days. A garden classic that has been featured in bouquets since before green flowers were cool, Bells of Ireland has been cultivated since the 1500s! Highly branched plants produce many spires of lime green, bell-shaped “flowers” that grow to 18” to three feet tall. The actual flowers are tiny and white, and…

  • Organic Blanket Flower seedOrganic Blanket Flower Seed

    Blanket Flower (Organic)


    Gaillardia arisata. Perennial in zones 3-10. Beautiful, cheery, daisy-like flowers on long, sturdy stems are a great, longlasting cut flower. Blooms over a long season – even into November or December if autumn is mild. Flowers are red-orange in the center, petals have yellow tips. After each blossom is done flowering, the seed heads make…

  • Borage

    Borage (Organic)


    Borago officinalis. Borage is a traditional European herb used medicinally for centuries and as a flavoring for soups and drinks. Little blue flowers are perfect when added to salad, bringing a sweet floral note. Fuzzy leaves have an earthy cucumber taste, considered moist and cooling. We make an alcohol extract out of the leaves and…

  • Brussels Sprouts, Early Half Tall (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. Green. 100-200 days. Forgot to sow your Brussels sprouts in spring? All is not lost! With Early Half Tall, you can sow in June and still get a crop of sprouts by autumn. For a good early rotation of this winter garden delight, sow in March or April – sprouts are harvestable as…

  • Burdock, Okinawa Long

    Burdock, Okinawa Long (Organic)


    Arctium lappa. A variety originating in Okinawa, an island of southern Japan. The people of Okinawa are known for their long lives and health, which burdock is believed to play a part. Often cooked in soups or pickled, it is known for its healing properties and high vitamin content. The burdock root’s ability to penetrate…

  • Bush Dry Bean, Beers (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Yellow/Tan. 90 days. Who would have thought that there was an Oregon Coast heirloom dry bean?! We thought it must be good because growing dry beans along the cool, damp Oregon coast is not easy. Not named for the Beers Family folk band of the 1960s, and not because it makes you thirsty,…

  • Organic Borlotto del Valdarno seeds

    Bush Dry Bean, Borlotto del Valdarno (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Tan Speckled. 90 days. Beautiful, classic borlotti bean with an elongated shape. Borlotto del Valdarno beans are tan with maroon speckles and stripes. The color pattern is similar to some horticultural and cranberry beans. Delicious delicate flavor perfectly suited to pasta e fagioli (aka, pasta fasul / fazool), the classic Italian pasta and…

  • Organic Brighstone bush dry bean seed

    Bush Dry Bean, Brighstone (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Tan Speckled. 90 days. Wonderful early, very high yielding dry bean. Pods are mottled with dark blue. Seeds resemble a pinto bean but with blue speckles instead of brown. Excellent tasting as a dry bean, somewhere between a kidney and pinto in flavor. Used in England as a snap bean, but we find…

  • Bush Dry Bean, Early Warwick (Organic)

    Bush Dry Bean, Early Warwick (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Red Speckled. 85 days. Cool weather tolerant, small bushes loaded with pods. Stocky bushes yield heavy with small round, dark-red mottled beans. Early enough to mature in England, where it is from. Also very reliable here in Oregon. It was usually the first dry bean we would bring to market in the fall,…

  • Organic Kenearly Yellow Eye Bush Dry Bean seed

    Bush Dry Bean, Kenearly Yellow Eye (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Tan Speckled. 90 days. A favorite throughout the Northeast for baked beans and hearty winter soups. Used in the South as an alternative black-eyed pea. We frequently substitute Kenearly Yellow Eye for cannellini beans in our favorite recipe – kale and cannellinis. Beans hold their shape when cooked, or can be blended down…

  • Nez Perce Bush Dry Bean

    Bush Dry Bean, Nez Perce (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Golden Brown. 80 days. A light golden-brown, small dry bean rivaling other beans for early maturity. With its mild and creamy flavor, Nez Perce is a good all-purpose bean and is especially delightful refried. Very reliable and easy to grow in cool summer or short season areas. Short, half-runner bush plants show indeterminate…

  • Bush Dry Bean, Öland Swedish Brown (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Brown. 90 days. Small, round brown bean with a mellow flavor. Traditionally used in Swedish sweet and sour bean stew (made with molasses and vinegar), and we enjoy it in Boston baked beans. Brown beans have been a staple in Sweden for hundreds of years. Though they were once grown in several areas…

  • Organic Titus Cannellini bean seedTitus Cannellini bean

    Bush Dry Bean, Titus Cannellini (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. White. 95 days. When we grew dry beans for farmer’s markets our customers frequently asked us for cannellini beans and we know why: the pure white beans are delicious and creamy, yet hold their texture well when cooked. They pair amazingly well with our favorite vegetable, kale, and shine in minestrone, one of…

  • Bush Dry Bean, Volga German Siberian (Organic)

    Bush Dry Bean, Volga German Siberian (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Tan with Red stripes. 90 days. A round borlotti/cranberry type. Good dry or as a fresh shelling bean that is early and cold tolerant. Plants are half-runner and somewhat sprawling. We recommend a trellis for small spaces, but plants can be left to sprawl if you have room. Has a classic smooth borlotti bean…

  • Bush Dry Bean, Wolverine’s Orca (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Black and White. 90 days. Orca / Calypso / Yin Yang beans are so eye-catching people seem to fall in love at first sight. After growing them for a few years, we’re still enamored with these beans. Fat pods and large, round beans are meatier than most dry beans we grow. This strain…

  • Bush Snap Bean, Alice Sunshine (Organic)

    Bush Snap Bean, Alice Sunshine (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Green Pods. 55 days. Excellent green bean flavor with a rich sweetness and nice crunch. A good multi-purpose variety for both snap and dry bean production. Good yields of 6” flat green pods that when mature contain beautiful light yellow beans with brown splotches that are also a tasty dry bean. Plants have…

  • Bush Snap Bean, Buerre de Rocquencourt (Organic)

    Bush Snap Bean, Beurre de Rocquencourt (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Yellow Pods. 50 days. This delicate yellow wax bean is often the first to mature. Delicious buttery flavor, uniform size and shape for easy processing, and high yields make this a standout bush wax variety. Yellow pods can be picked when small as filet beans for extra tender texture. Plants grow well in…

  • Bush Snap Bean, Cupidon (Organic)

    Bush Snap Bean, Cupidon (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Green Pods. 55 days. As vegetable growers we used to be less than excited about filet beans until we found Cupidon. Not only is it the best filet bean we’ve found, it is one of the best beans, period. Delicious, aromatic sweet flavor. High yielding, light green, stringless, long, slender, French filet type…

  • Bush Snap Bean, Labrador (Organic)

    Bush Snap Bean, Labrador (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Green Pods. 60 days. Dark green, round, stringless snap bean on upright plants. Labrador has good sweet flavor with a tender crunch. Uniform, 5½” long beans are good for processing. With a longer than average shelf life and continual harvest window, this variety is a great choice for market growers. Bred by Asgrow…

  • marona bush snap bean

    Bush Snap Bean, Marona (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Green Pods. 60 days. A reliable green early maturing snap bean with long round pods. Early high yields that hold up well once picked. Very tasty tender beans are great for direct market sales. Good for summer and autumn rotations and produces well in dry conditions. Marona has everything you need to be…

  • Marvel of Piedmont Bush Snap BeanMarvel of Piedmont Bush Snap Bean

    Bush Snap Bean, Marvel of Piedmont (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Speckled Pods. 55 days. Marvel of Piedmont is a richly flavored, bush Romano type bean. Flat pale green pods are streaked with purple which fades with cooking. Tasty and productive, resembles Dragon Tongue beans but with lighter colored pods that are slightly less speckled. An Italian bean hailing from the Piedmont region in…

  • Bush Snap Bean, Pisarecka Zlutoluske (Organic)

    Bush Snap Bean, Pisarecka Zlutoluske (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Yellow Pods. 50 days. Heirloom wax bean with delicious, round, yellow pods on sturdy plants. Beans can be picked small or large, as the wonderful flavor and nice yellow color develop when the pods are young. Super productive, early maturing, and cold tolerant variety that is perfect for the Pacific Northwest. Probably a…

  • Roberts Royalty Beans

    Bush Snap Bean, Robert’s Royalty (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Purple Pods. 55 days. Another masterpiece bred by Robert Lobitz! Produces beautiful medium-dark purple pods with great bean flavor. Similar to the variety Royal Burgundy with slightly shorter pods on more prolific and compact plants. Like Royal Burgundy, Robert’s Royalty is early maturing and cool weather tolerant, germinating better in cold soil than…

  • Bush Snap Bean, Saxa (Organic)

    Bush Snap Bean, Saxa (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Green Pods. 50 days. Early maturing, strong bushes yield heavy with 4-5″ green beans. A popular old variety in Germany and the Netherlands. Very tolerant of poor weather and growing conditions. Excellent rich flavor that is missing in many modern varieties. Best picked when pods are young. We obtained this variety from the…

  • Wade Bush Snap Bean

    Bush Snap Bean, Wade (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Green Pods. 60 days. A classic dark green, bush snap bean with smooth, round 6-7” long pods. With its high yields and dependability, we recommend this bean as a market farm production variety. Excellent when eaten fresh, frozen, or canned. The pods hold well once picked so they make it to market in…

  • Chieftain Savoy Cabbage

    Cabbage, Chieftain Savoy (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 90-120 days. A great open pollinated Savoy cabbage that was once a standard and is now very hard to find. Great for late summer and autumn rotations. More tender and sweet than many of the modern European Savoy hybrids, though not as winter hardy. Produces vibrant green heads that average 4-6 lbs. A…