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  • Organic Blue Kuri Squash SeedWinter Squash, Blue Kuri

    Winter Squash, Blue Kuri (Organic)


    Cucurbita maxima. 90 days. Japanese Kabocha type, blue-grey squash with a flattened globe shape. Sweet with the characteristic dry flesh of a Kabocha or Hokkaido. If stored for a few months, it will become a little more moist. Great rich flavor, but different than Sweet Meat, which is also C. maxima with a similar color…

  • Early Remix Butternut Winter Squash

    Winter Squash, Butternut Early Remix (Organic)


    Cucurbita moschata. 90 days. As market growers, we knew that winter squash storability and flavor improve with ripeness, so we were always on the lookout for an early butternut variety that matured well here in Oregon. Some hybrids come close, but most OPs require a longer growing season than we can provide. In 2005, we…

  • Winter Squash, Canada Crookneck (Organic)

    Winter Squash, Canada Crookneck (Organic)


    Cucurbita moschata. 90 days. Another great butternut-type squash that matures in our climate! Canada Crookneck is a bottle shaped “neck squash” that the present-day butternut type was selected from. Very productive and holds well in storage when properly cured. Average size is 3 ½ lbs, though a few reach 6 lbs. Not all necks are…

  • Organic Gill's Golden Pippin Winter Squash Seed

    Winter Squash, Gill’s Golden Pippin (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. 85 days. Small, orange, acorn-type fruit are an ideal size for single-serving winter squash. This variety shuns the stereotype of acorn squash being bland. Five times more flavorful than most acorn squash, but about half the size. We often get good feedback from commercial growers about Gill’s Golden Pippin’s productivity and flavor. We…

  • Organic Honey Boat Delicata Winter Squash Seed
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    Winter Squash, Honey Boat Delicata (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. 90 days. Very sweet and reliable winter squash. Unlike its sister variety, Sugar Loaf, Honey Boat is long and less plump, similar to a regular delicata but with copper skin. Certainly among the sweetest winter squash we have ever grown, and sweetness holds well into storage. Larger seed cavity makes this squash ideal…

  • Winter Squash, Lower Salmon River (Organic)

    Winter Squash, Lower Salmon River (Organic)


    Lower Salmon River squash is on the short list of heritage Pacific Northwest winter squash varieties. Grown in and around Idaho’s Lower Salmon River, possibly for generations, it is uniquely adapted to our bioregion. Deep orange sweet flesh is flakier and drier than Sweet Meat.

  • Winter Squash, Piacentina

    Winter Squash, Piacentina (Organic)


    Cucurbita maxima. 105 days. Incredibly dense, striking grey-blue winter squash ranging 10-20 lbs. Vigorous vines grow to 30 ft. A bit on the late maturing side, but worth the wait. Drier flesh is the perfect consistency for adding to baked goods, raviolis, gnocchi, or any recipe that calls for a thick, less watery puree –…

  • Sonca Orange Butternut

    Winter Squash, Sonca Orange Butternut (Organic)


    Cucurbita moschata. 100 days. With orange skin occasionally marbled with green, and exceptionally dark orange flesh, this is one unique and beautiful butternut. Sonca Orange Butternut is by far sweeter and smoother than any other butternut we have ever eaten. Our experience is corroborated by Jo’s son, Cole, who thinks it is utterly delicious, and…

  • Organic Hessel Sugar Loaf Winter Squash Seed
    Organic Hessel Sugar Loaf Winter Squash Seed

    Winter Squash, Sugar Loaf Hessel (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. 100 days. A slight variation on the classic delicata, Sugar Loaf is a sister variety to Honey Boat with a similar tan color and green stripes but with a shorter, blockier (some might even say loaf) shape. Deliciously sweet fruits average 1-2 lbs. Originally bred by Oregon State University plant breeder Dr. Jim…

  • Organic Oregon Homestead Sweet Meat Squash seed

    Winter Squash, Sweet Meat – Oregon Homestead (Organic)


    Cucurbita maxima. 100 days. Beautiful blue squash on huge, vigorous vines. 3-4 fruit per plant weigh 10-20 lbs each and store well through May. Selected for vigor, large seeds for good cool soil emergence, a small seed cavity, and premium flavor by Carol Deppe in Corvallis, Oregon. She spent years and produced several tons of…

  • Winter Squash, Theron's Winter Harvest (Organic)

    Winter Squash, Theron’s Winter Harvest (Organic)


    Cucurbita maxima. 100 days. This is the biggest winter squash we have ever grown! Fruit are a light pink/ salmon color and look like giant pink Sweet Meat squash. Average 35-40 lbs with some even up to 50 lbs. Vigorous vines grow to 30′ in all directions and average 3 fruit per plant. Originally bred…

  • Danish Yarrow

    Yarrow, Danish (Organic)


    Achillea millefolium. Perennial. Sometimes our penchant for seed saving goes a little too far – such is the case with Danish Yarrow. We saved seed from a bunch of plants growing along the roadside while out exploring the ruins of a 14th century castle about 12 miles from Aarhus, Denmark, during the first days of…

  • Parker's Gold YarrowParker's Yarrow

    Yarrow, Parker’s Gold (Organic)


    Achillea filipendulina. Perennial in zones 3-10. A striking ornamental. Gold flowers make excellent cut flowers and are even better dried as everlastings. The upright growth makes for easy cutting and the flowers last all summer. What we love most about Parker’s Gold is the captivating aromatic leaves that look like ferns but smell like the…

  • Yuggoth seed Garlic Organic
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    Yuggoth Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Hardneck unique type / unclassified Named after a fictional planet, Yuggoth Garlic is a strange and special beast. It may appear from a distance that the bright white bulbs with occasional purple striping is just your average garlic. It is anything but. The distinctive, perfectly round shape hides purple-skinned cloves that fit together like a…

  • Zinnia, Aztec Burgundy Bicolor (Organic)


    Zinnia haageana. 60 days. Charming miniature zinnias in a range of burgundy shades with yellow and white accents are beautiful both in the garden and in short bouquets. Small plants grow to 18” and are great for bedding or containers. Attractive to pollinators with 1.5” double blooms that keep going right up until frost. Z….

  • Organic Berry Basket Zinnia seedOrganic Berry Basket Zinnia seed

    Zinnia, Berry Basket (Organic)


    Zinnia elegans. 60-70 days. A gorgeous mix of berry-toned zinnias, including raspberry, strawberry (and strawberry ice cream), marionberry, and grape (concorde, merlot, and rosé). Perhaps we can pretend that grapes are berries, and that rosé is a grape variety just this once. If you like a full spectrum of pink, this is the mix for…

  • Organic El Dorado Zinnia seedOrganic El Dorado Zinnia seed

    Zinnia, El Dorado (Organic)


    Zinnia elegans. 65-75 days. Softly romantic shades of coral-peachy goodness. El Dorado Zinnia’s double blossoms last for days and seem to glow in the orange light of sunset. A lovely cut flower reminiscent of dahlias. Sturdy, hardy plants thrive even under adverse conditions in our field. Deer resistant. Zinnias are tender annuals that will bloom…

  • Organic Fireball Zinnia SeedOrganic Fireball Zinnia Seed

    Zinnia, Fireball (Organic)


    Zinnia elegans. 65-75 days. Fireball Zinnia is a mix if vibrant shades of oranges and reds, with the very occasional dark pink. Tall plants produce over a long season. Bloom types range from single to fully double, some looking like lions’ manes. Very attractive to pollinators, providing good habitat for them as well. Long, strong…

  • Organic Old Mexico Zinnia SeedOrganic Old Mexico Zinnia Seed

    Zinnia, Old Mexico (Organic)


    Zinnia haageana. 60 days. Old Mexico zinnia has a delightful range of single to double, mostly bicolor red and dark orange flowers with golden to yellow tips. Dense, compact plants are a magnet to beneficial insects providing shelter and forage for many garden friends, especially when planted en masse. Plants grow to 18″ tall and…

  • Organic Oriole Zinnia seedOrganic Oriole Zinnia seed

    Zinnia, Oriole (Organic)


    Zinnia elegans. 60-70 days. Lovely bright orange blossoms of Oriole Zinnia are so brilliantly colored they almost seem incandescent. Long, sturdy stems are great for cutting. Blooms right up until frost for good late season color, and provides excellent habitat and food for pollinators and songbirds. Big branching plants are covered in flowers. Cutting for…

  • Organic Queeny Limes Mix Zinnia Flower Seeds
    Organic Queeny Limes Mix Zinnia Flower Seeds

    Zinnia, Queeny Limes Party Mix (Organic)


    Zinnia elegans. 70-80 days. With its lime green highlights and soft overtones, the Queeny Lime series (aka, Queen Lime) took the cut flower market by storm when it was first introduced in the late 2010’s. Queeny Lime Orange received both All America Selection and Fleuroselect awards in 2018, and Queeny Lemon Peach won an AAS…

  • Organic Super Yoga Red Zinnia seedOrganic Super Yoga Red Zinnia seed

    Zinnia, Super Yoga Red (Organic)


    Zinnia elegans. 65-75 days. Single color flowers with some variation in shades of dark red. The color of Super Yoga Red Zinnia reminds us of a classic red rose; thankfully zinnias are much easier to grow! We were tempted to rename this variety something like “Red Wine Shades” or “Yoga and Wine” because of the…

  • Organic Zucchini Genovese Seed

    Zucchini, Genovese (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. Light Green. 55 days. A lovely variety of zucchini from Italy. Fruit is light green with no ribbing and tends to bulb out a bit on the end. As with most Italian varieties, there is some variation in fruit appearance but the flavor is consistently delicious. We especially love the fact that the…

  • Organic Goldini 2 Zucchini seedOrganic Goldini 2 Zucchini seed

    Zucchini, Goldini 2 (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. Golden-Yellow. 40-50 days. Folks have been asking us for Goldini Zucchini, a yellow zuke bred by Carol Deppe, since its release in 2016. New for 2023, we’re pleased to offer Goldini 2 – Carol’s improved line! Bred for and under organic conditions, Carol has achieved so much with this release. We have found Goldini…

  • Organic Zucchini San Pasquale SeedOrganic Zucchini San Pasquale Seed

    Zucchini, San Pasquale (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. Dark Green, Light Green Stripes. 55 days. A richly flavored and productive zucchini from Southern Italy that easily beats watery hybrid zucchini. San Pasquale fruits are dark green with light green stripes and slight ridges. Produces a lot of male flowers which are great for stuffing or frying and the female flowers hold…