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  • Parsnip, Bedford Monarch (Organic)


    Pastinaca sativa. A very rare, old English parsnip variety with long, white roots that have broad shoulders and sweet flavor. The roots can get huge and therefore provide a very high yield of delicious goodness while at the same time breaking through soil hardpan to improve drainage for subsequent crops. During our 2006 Seed Ambassadors…

  • Parsnip, Halblange Weisse SE (Organic)


    Pastinaca sativa. Halblange Weisse is German for ‘half long white’ and this variety is truly half-long with bright white skin. The half-long trait (majority of the mass is near the top of the root which quickly tapers), combined with strong tops result in a parsnip that is notably easier to dig. This variety was a…

  • Parsnip, Kral Russian (Organic)


    Pastinaca sativa. You may think you know parsnips once you have seen a parsnip, but, think again. This is the most unique parsnip we have ever seen and never would have guessed there could be a parsnip like this. A heritage Russian variety with a beet-shaped, bulbous root. This certainly makes for a very easy…

  • Broughton Astley Polish Bean

    Pole Dry Bean, Broughton Astley Polish (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Lavender Speckled. 95 days. Beautiful green speckled purple pods are small but also taste good as a snap bean. Small, round, lavender speckled brown dry beans are so beautiful they’re like jewels. Early and productive. Delicious and very tolerant of cool maritime weather. Given to us by Keith Parkins on our original Seed…

  • Pole Dry Bean, Diecimino (Organic)

    Pole Dry Bean, Diecimino (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Rosy Speckled. 90 days. Slender pods with rosy-red speckled seeds that are good in soups and pasta e fagioli. Highly productive tall climber. Very beautiful and tasty heirloom originally from Tuscany. We have been growing it for over 10 years and with each harvest we fall in love all over again because it’s…

  • Organic Khabarovsk Pole Dry Bean seed

    Pole Dry Bean, Khabarovsk (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Tan Speckled. 90 days. These very large (XXL), round, speckled beans have a rich tan and purple-red color. Hands down the largest seeded bean in our collection other than favas and runner beans. The already large beans expand in size when cooked, making them even bigger. Large pods are nice for hand harvesting…

  • O'Driscoll Pole Dry Bean

    Pole Dry Bean, O’Driscoll (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Tan with Purple Speckles. 90 days. We are always on the lookout for short season adapted dry beans and O’Driscoll is one of the best pole beans in this category. We discovered how great O’Driscoll performs early in our Seed Ambassadors Project variety trials and after trialing several hundred more varieties of beans,…

  • Organic Poletschka Pole Dry Bean seed

    Pole Dry Bean, Poletschka (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Black. 90 days. Produces little round beans that are a very pretty, shiny black. Early and prolific in our Pacific Northwest climate. Lives up to the general reputation of pole bean flavor being excellent, with more depth of flavor when compared to bush type black beans. Best as a dry bean, but also…

  • Pole Snap Bean, Gold Nectar (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Semi-flat Yellow Pods. 70 days. Yellow/wax bean yields lots of crunchy beans with excellent sweet and beany flavor. The 9″ long straight pods are ½” wide with a semi-flat shape. Anne Berblinger of Gales Meadow Farm in Forest Grove, Oregon, says about Gold Nectar, “We have been searching for a yellow pole bean…

  • Organic Kew Blue Pole Snap Bean seedOrganic Kew Blue Pole Snap Bean seed

    Pole Snap Bean, Kew Blue (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Flat Purple Pods. 55-60 days. Deep purple pods, stems and leaves. Semi-flat beans with excellent raw flavor. Thrives in cool, wet weather and germinates well in the cold spring ground. Pods set early and continuously up the vines. Seeds dry down quick before the rains come. One of our highest yielding pole beans,…

  • Pole Snap Bean, Scalzo Italian (Organic)scalzo italian pole bean

    Pole Snap Bean, Scalzo Italian (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Flat Green Pods, Rose Seeds. 65 days fresh, 95 days dry. Pole Romano type bean with a slight curve to the pod. Large, 7-8″ flat beans are stringless and extremely tasty – Scalzo Italian is one of the best snap beans we have ever tasted. Plump, rose-colored seeds make it functional as a…

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    Pole Snap Bean, Trebona Romano (Organic)

    Pole Snap Bean, Trebona Romano (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Flat Green Pods. 60 days. If you are tired of waiting for your pole beans to mature but still wish to grow pole beans because of their season-long production and excellent flavor, look no further. This is a great productive and early green bean with long, flat Romano type pods and large, white…

  • Poppy, Food Not Lawns Remix (Organic)

    Poppy, Food Not Lawns Remix (Organic)


    Papaver somniferum. Large, single blooms vary from light purple/white, to pink, red, magenta, and dark purple. This beautiful, easy to grow poppy population is the species commonly used for medicinal purposes. Adapted to our growing region, it is very hardy. Try sowing in the fall for early spring flowering. Can be sown in the spring…

  • Poppy, Horton Corn Poppy Mix

    Poppy, Horton Corn Poppy Mix (Organic)


    Papaver rhoeas. Short plants produce small flowers in a mix of reds and pinks with the occasional white. Horton Corn Poppy Mix is hugely productive when compared to the few large blooms of Papaver somniferum varieties. We found this mix in 2004 growing semi-wild in the herb garden at Horton Road Organics in Blachly, Oregon….

  • Organic Purple frilly english poppy seed

    Poppy, Purple Frilly English (Organic)


    Papaver somniferum. Compact plants with lots of frilly bright-purple poppies. Degree of frills seems to be related to growing conditions as plants can form both super-frill and not-so-frill flowers. The unique frilliness provides a fairly open flower that bees and other beneficial insects love to visit. Collected by The Seed Ambassadors Project at the Seedy…

  • purslane munich organic seedOrganic Munich Purslane seed

    Purslane, Munich (Organic)


    Portulaca oleracea sativa. 50 days. Munich Purslane is a summer salad green with great texture and heat tolerance. Not the weedy relative, this grows tall and sets seed late. It also has much better flavor compared to wild purslane. High in Omega-3 fatty acids, it adds a citrusy tang to summer salads. Its character seems…

  • Radicchio, Orchidea (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Loose heading rosette type. 65 days. An unstoppable winter green. Semi-open rosette shaped heads with some variation in red and green variegation, speckling and tones. Good planted any time summer through fall. More resistant than other radicchios to winter predation from rodents. Harvest as heads or as cut-and-come-again leaf. Very winter hardy with…

  • Radish, Blauer Herbst Und Winter

    Radish, Blauer Winter (Organic)


    Raphanus sativus. Purple Storage. 60-80 days. Storage radish with bright violet skin and white flesh. Mild radish flavor is good raw, cooked, or pickled. Uncommon in the US but a favorite winter staple in Germany. Keeps well in the root cellar, or in the field all winter here in Oregon, as long as the mice…

  • Organic British Pop Runner Bean Seeds

    Runner Bean, British Pop (Organic)


    Phaseolus coccineus. Mix. 70-90 days. A genetically diverse population of edible-pod type runner beans from the British Isles. We have loved growing runner beans from across the pond for some time now and with so many good ones in our trials, we decided to let the best coalesce into one big British Pop mix. Our…

  • Runner Bean, Moldovanesti Buffalo (Organic)

    Runner Bean, Moldovanesti Buffalo (Organic)


    Phaseolus coccineus. White. 90-100 days. Extremely productive and easy to hand harvest, these 8′ tall plants produce tons of delicious, large, white beans. White flowers are edible, and beans are edible when young as large green beans or when mature as dry beans. But we think they are best as fresh shelling beans. White runner…

  • Organic Angela Rutabaga seed

    Rutabaga, Angela (Organic)


    Brassica napus. 80+ days. Angela is an attractive round rutabaga (aka Swede) with purple tops and light golden flesh. A refined English selection of the classic purple top category of rutabagas. Yields a large percentage of high quality roots that have a sweet flavor and are very winter hardy. Shows some resistance to powdery mildew,…

  • Organic Rutabaga Major Dunne seeds

    Rutabaga, Major Dunne (Organic)


    Brassica napus. 80 days. Nicely proportioned, purple top rutabaga with smooth, uniform shape and golden skin. One of the most attractive rutabagas we have ever grown. Major Dunne retains excellent texture and flavor even when very large. Roots are more elongated than a typical rutabaga and stand tall in the field with big healthy leaves….

  • Organic Nadmorska Rutabaga seed

    Rutabaga, Nadmorska (Organic)


    Brassica napus. 80+ days. Large, green-topped Lithuanian rutabaga with golden flesh. they grow into a uniform, large, round shape. Vigorous and early-maturing with very little neck. Nadmorska has a slightly more mustard spiced flavor than the purple top rutabagas.  It combines very well with other roots like beets and potatoes in the roasting pan.  We…

  • organic Carruthers Purple Podded Pea seedorganic Carruthers' Purple Podded Pea seed

    Shelling Pea, Carruthers’ Purple Podded (Organic)


    Pisum sativum. Purple Pod Shelling. 4-6′ tall vines, pink and purple flowers. Not an edible-pod type pea but the purple pods contain sweet, tasty green peas for fresh shelling or freezing. One of the best purple-podded types we have grown. The purple pods are easy to find when picking. An heirloom grown by the Carruthers…

  • Shelling Pea, Clarke's Beltony Blue (Organic)

    Shelling Pea, Clarke’s Beltony Blue (Organic)


    Pisum sativum. Purple Pod Shelling. Another purple-podded pea from Northern Ireland. This one is from County Tyrone and has been grown on the same farm there since at least 1850. Can grow up to 5½’ tall. Purple pods become mottled with green when ripe and the peas have a good, smooth flavor without bitterness. Our…

  • Transylvanian SorrelSorrel, Transylvanian (Organic)

    Sorrel, Transylvanian (Organic)


    Rumex acetosa. Perennial. A variety of garden sorrel with nice long, strap-shaped leaves. Good color and flavor all winter. Tolerates dry spells. Extremely hardy and perfect for the permaculture or gourmet garden. We like it added as a small part in salad mixes and sauces, and it is used in sorrel soup, of course. Collected…

  • Retrija PeaRetrija Pea

    Soup Pea, Retrija (Organic)


    Pisum sativum. Latvian Grey Soup. 110 days. Large seeded, speckled brown Latvian soup pea. For those of us accustomed to green peas this unique grey variety is delightful. We were only aware of green soup peas until we traveled to Latvia in 2006 and discovered these. Then we learned that there are many varieties of…

  • Spinach, Verdil (Organic)

    Spinach, Verdil (Organic)


    Spinacia oleracea. 45 days. Giant winter type, perfect for spring, autumn and overwinter cultivation, but not summer. With a particularly aromatic flavor, its best suited use is raw, although it is also good cooked. We are always impressed with Verdil’s winter hardiness. The plants can stand in the freezing mud all winter and somehow not…