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  • Tomato, Iraqi Heart

    Tomato, Iraqi Heart (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Pink Paste. 80 days. Indet. Pink, 8-10 oz fruit are shaped like an oxheart or Amish paste. Very meaty with a rich flavor. Great for cooking and slicing. Yields heavy fairly late in the season and likes the heat. Possibly brought to England by a military officer after World War II. Received as…

  • Katja TomatoKatja Tomato

    Tomato, Katja (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Pink. 60 days. Indet. Bushy plants produce big, pink, 3-5″ slicer tomatoes that weigh 8-16 oz. Very early and reliable. Gorgeous and delicious. Sarah thinks this is our best tomato (*objectively*) and Andrew thinks it is one of our favorites (subjectively). Does very well even in cool, shady gardens. Ripened a tasty 1…

  • Lämpchen Tomato

    Tomato, Lämpchen (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Yellow Paste. 70 days. Indet. High yielding, thick-walled, yellow paste type with 2-4 oz fruit that is also good eaten fresh. Similar to de Berao types. Seems to be fairly disease resistant and does not suffer from blossom end rot. Holds quality exceptionally late into the season and is perfect for making yellow…

  • Tomato, Maria Nagy Giant (Organic)

    Tomato, Maria Nagy Giant (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. 85 days. Indet. Large, perfect 10-16 oz globes have a really sweet, rich flavor. Late to come on but very productive once it gets going. The flavor is just incredible, making it well worth the wait. We all have our ideal red slicer criteria and this one meets ours for flavor, size, texture,…

  • Tomato, Maria Nagy heart (Pear)

    Tomato, Maria Nagy Heart (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Red Paste. 80 days. Indet. A Transylvanian tomato with exceptionally rich and sweet flavor. Late but productive. Large, meaty, pear shaped 8-12 oz fruit are good for eating raw or for sauce, and taste incredible when roasted with basil, salt and olive oil. Received from seed steward Maria Nagy in Turda, Romania, during…

  • Tomato, Mavritanskite

    Tomato, Mavritanskite (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Maroon/Brown. 75-80 days. Indet. Big, 6-14 oz beefsteak fruit are dark orange-red with some elusive purple shades. Tops are greenish-brown. Striking unique colors and an excellent smoky rich flavor. This is a really great tomato. Latvian heirloom we originally sourced from Madeline McKeever of Brown Envelope Seeds in Ireland.

  • Tomato, Oldendorf Red (Organic)

    Tomato, Oldendorf Red (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. 65 days. Indet. Another excellent European tomato. A medium-early variety with tall plants that are loaded with perfectly round, brilliant red fruit weighing 3-4 oz. The firm, flavorful fruit keep well once picked, making Oldendorf Red an excellent salad tomato for market farmers. Very productive when grown outdoors. Consistently holds better quality late…

  • Tomato, Orange Currant (Organic)

    Tomato, Orange Currant (Organic)


    Solanum sp. Orange Currant. 65-70 days. Indet. Produces immense quantities of miniature (¼ – ½”) tomatoes similar to other currant types but with good orange color and split resistance. Skin is thick, but flavor is excellent, fruity and sweet. They delightfully pop in your mouth! Tiny fruit holds quality for a long time both on…

  • Organic Petrillo Tomato SeedsOrganic Petrillo Tomato Seeds

    Tomato, Petrillo (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. 70 days. Indet. Tall plants produce red, ruffled, fluted, 3-4″ fruit weighing 3-4 oz. A high yielding and beautiful tomato similar to the Italian variety Costoluto Genovese but earlier to mature. Good flavor with an excellent, slightly tart bite, Petrillo is perfect diced and thrown fresh into pasta or salad. Ripe fruit keep…

  • Tomato, Piroka

    Tomato, Piroka (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. 75 days. Indet. A very delicious main season fresh slicing tomato. The medium-large, bright red globes are 5-7 oz and very productive. Selected for greenhouse production, Piroka also performs well outside. Great as a salad tomato or sliced on sandwiches. We want to grow it every year, the flavor and texture just can’t…

  • Tomato, Polen Yellow Pear (Organic)

    Tomato, Polen Yellow Pear (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Yellow Cherry. 60 days. Indet. Small, golden pear-shaped fruit have good mild sweet flavor that is better than the common Yellow Pear. Big plants produce heavy yields late into the year. A multiflora type which can produce ripe fruit in clusters of up to 100 or more! Originally from a Polish gene bank,…

  • Tomato, Pusztakolosz

    Tomato, Pusztakolosz (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. 80-85 days. Indet. Large, 5-6″ wide, 16-24 oz beefsteak fruit. Plants are very vigorous and have very leafy, thick growth. Originally from Cluj, a city in Transylvania, Romania. Many Hungarians live in Romania and the name Kolosz is the Hungarian name for Cluj. Puszta means prairie. Good thing Andrew looked that up because…

  • Quadro TomatoOrganic Quadro Tomato seeds

    Tomato, Quadro (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Red Paste. 70 days. Indet. Vigorous, medium-sized, 2-4 oz, multiuse Roma with great flavor. Quadro was bred in Germany for late blight resistance, and for growing outdoors or in the greenhouse. High yields late into the season. Moderately juicy paste is good for many uses – we love it for salsa! Blocky, almost…

  • Siberian Orange TomatoSiberian Orange Tomato

    Tomato, Siberian Orange (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Orange Paste. 80 days. Indet. Plump, pear-shaped paste tomatoes are amazing cooked and also delicious for fresh eating. A brilliant orange sherbet color, incredibly sweet and fruity. Makes candy sweet orange tomato sauce that would make phenomenal ketchup. Tall, wispy vines produce 4-8 oz fruit with very few seeds. We have planted it…

  • Organic Sokolades Tomato seed

    Tomato, Sokolades (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Purple/Brown. 70-80 days. Indet. Plants are high yielding of large, 6-12 oz globes with a rich brown color. Excellent, complex, and delicious flavor common to many so-called black tomatoes. Latvian heirloom that consistently grows very well here in the Willamette Valley. We have found it to be one of the most reliable and…

  • Tomato, Zuckertraube

    Tomato, Zuckertraube (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Red Cherry. 60 days. Indet. Red cherry tomato with balanced sweet flavor, high yields, and very tall vines. Fruit are slightly larger than average cherry tomatoes. The delicious flavor and easy picking make it attractive and a quick pint filler. An excellent choice for red cherry production on market farms. Zuckertraube is German…

  • Turnip, Aprovecho Hardy (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 70 days. This is our hardiest turnip bred specifically for Oregon winters. Salvaged from the less than 5% of the surviving turnips from a population of Dr. Alan Kapuler’s Six Root Grex Turnip. The rest of the population died after a hard 8°F frost at Aprovecho Research Center in Cottage Grove, Oregon. The…

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    Turnip, Wonnegold (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 75 days. Beautiful creamy golden colored turnips. Flesh is the same color as the outside. Slightly flattened globes have mild radish-like flavor and are very winter hardy. Best sown early spring or fall. A very old heritage variety best used in sauerkrauts, stews and roasting. Seed originally from an Austrian Biodynamic CSA and…

  • Early Remix Butternut Winter Squash

    Winter Squash, Butternut Early Remix (Organic)


    Cucurbita moschata. 90 days. As market growers, we knew that winter squash storability and flavor improve with ripeness, so we were always on the lookout for an early butternut variety that matured well here in Oregon. Some hybrids come close, but most OPs require a longer growing season than we can provide. In 2005, we…

  • Winter Squash, Doran Round Butternut
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    Winter Squash, Doran Round (Organic)


    Cucurbita moschata. 100 days. Unique, small round butternut different from other butternut types as it looks more like a tan, squat pie pumpkin. Very delicious sweet flavor becomes more developed in storage. Flesh is a deep orange color. Some fruit are very round while others have slight ribbing. When properly stored (at room temperature in…

  • Sonca Orange Butternut

    Winter Squash, Sonca Orange Butternut (Organic)


    Cucurbita moschata. 100 days. With orange skin occasionally marbled with green, and exceptionally dark orange flesh, this is one unique and beautiful butternut. Sonca Orange Butternut is by far sweeter and smoother than any other butternut we have ever eaten. Our experience is corroborated by Jo’s son, Cole, who thinks it is utterly delicious, and…

  • Winter Squash, Theron's Winter Harvest (Organic)

    Winter Squash, Theron’s Winter Harvest (Organic)


    Cucurbita maxima. 100 days. This is the biggest winter squash we have ever grown! Fruit are a light pink/ salmon color and look like giant pink Sweet Meat squash. Average 35-40 lbs with some even up to 50 lbs. Vigorous vines grow to 30′ in all directions and average 3 fruit per plant. Originally bred…

  • Danish Yarrow

    Yarrow, Danish (Organic)


    Achillea millefolium. Perennial. Sometimes our penchant for seed saving goes a little too far – such is the case with Danish Yarrow. We saved seed from a bunch of plants growing along the roadside while out exploring the ruins of a 14th century castle about 12 miles from Aarhus, Denmark, during the first days of…